Day Opportunities

At Supportability we are passionate about enabling adults with physical and/or learning disabilities and autistic spectrum conditions to have the opportunity to reach their true potential and develop a wide range of new skills and abilities.


  • Provide personalised support that enables individual’s to become more confident and promote independence
  • Provide an opportunity to learn new and maintain existing skills at a level and pace appropriate to individual needs
  • Provide choice through a wide range of sessions and activities
  • Enable and support individuals in planning and developing their support packages including care plans and risk assessments
  • Provide high staffing ratios and appropriate levels of support to enable each individual to participate to their full potential.

So whether you want to develop your creative skills through art, dance, drama or music; enhance your technology and work skills; learn to garden or just learn how to relax we have lots of options for you to choose from.

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Some of our services do receive grants from local authorities or charitable trusts which help keep costs reasonable. Many children and families receive assistance through Local Authorities and Health Services.

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