Carers update re Coronavirus and Supportability’s response to date – 18.03.20

As you would expect the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), have been meeting regularly with operational managers to discuss the latest situation and to update and share information and actions as to how we are managing the developing situation on a day-to-day basis.

We are taking into account the latest guidance being issued by the Government, Public Health England and the Local Authority and making decisions as to how we will manage service provision based on this information and taking into account what is in the best interests of our service users and staff.

We are also actively reviewing the information being shared at the Governments daily briefings and we will amend our approach as required depending on what is being shared and its impact for us.

As part of our ongoing plan re service delivery, we are doing the following:

Skills Group:

 The service remains open to users as per their usual days of attendance. We have seen a reduction in the number of people attending the service because of people making their own decisions not to attend. The service will remain open until we are advised by Government and/or the local Authority to do otherwise.


The service remains open and we are in the process of doing the following;

  • Phoning round all users and documenting and recording responses regarding any potential changes to support due to the current situation – may include amends to time slots etc.
  • Cancelling support for the small number of those people that are self-funding and do not have an assessed need to free up our staff resources
  • Allocating staff resources to ensure that we are meeting the needs of the people who require support from us.
  • Keeping the situation under regular review to ensure that we are making the most of our staff resources available to meet people’s needs.
  • Asking that any service users presenting with the symptoms or are confirmed as COVID-19 positive let us know as soon as so we can discuss each case and follow Public Health England and Local Authority advice

Residential services;

Both Cheddle Lodge and Brecon Close are only open to essential staff required to manage the support required. All non-essential appointments have been cancelled and family members have been asked not to visit. There is a consistent staff team from Skills providing a day service within Cheddle Lodge to residents to help alleviate the pressure on the residential staff team.

Meridian House

 We are working with staff based at Meridian House in terms of reducing the number of people working out of the office and putting in working from home arrangements where appropriate and as recommended by Government.

Additional information

 At this moment in time, we do not have anyone with a confirmed case of Coronavirus within the organisation. We have a handful of staff who are self-isolating as a precautionary measure.

As already referenced, senior managers are meeting daily and convening after each of the Governments daily briefings, in order to consider further actions for Supportability, which will be cascaded down to operational managers and staff if amendments and changes are required to service delivery.

If you have any questions relating to the specific service that you receive from Supportability then please make contact with the following people;

Skills group   – Mary Stanley on 1061 432 1248 option 2

Tim Medwell – Localities on 0161 432 1248 option 5

Bill Delaney   – Residential services – 0161 428 5189

Senior Leadership Team