Sue Stern shares her poems about her daughter who had Cerebral Palsy

We’re delighted to have more to share with you from author Sue Stern. For those of you who haven’t read Sue’s work here before, she’s the author of the book, The Child Who Spoke With Her Eyes. In Sue’s own words ‘the story of our beautiful, charismatic daughter, Vanessa, who had cerebral palsy, but who transformed my life.’

This time Sue has kindly shared a series of heart-warming poems that she’s written about her time with her daughter in the late 1960s & 70s.


On The Blue Sun Bed


There we are, sitting together

on the blue sun bed in Grandma’s garden.

You’re wearing my favourite frock

Michele sent from France.

Bluey-turquoise with a soft white trim

at the shoulders and neck,

extending to ribbons I’ve tied loosely.

In your white sunhat, you look like a dairy maid.


You balance a little lopsidedly

in the cradle space between my legs,

one held higher to support your back,

yours dangling over the other.

Your toes splay upwards as heels

touch canvas. Smile with eyes half-closed.

The sun or the camera shutter?

It doesn’t matter, you’re beautiful anyway.

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