We’re Supportability

Since 1953, we have been supporting children, young people and adults with a wide range of complex physical and learning disabilities. Our aim is to enable those with disability to live a fulfilled and independent life.

How do we help?

Put simply – we ‘Support’.

We’re passionate about providing quality support services that enable those with complex physical and/or learning disabilities to access and use their inherent capabilities. Supportability enables those with disability to enjoy and take part in everyday life experiences.

Day Opportunities

Adult – Leisure Choices

Children and Young People – Leisure Choices

Residential Choices

Watch the short film below about our Day Services.

What’s behind Supportability?

Underpinning our approach is one simple ethos:  we aim to work together with the people we support.

Our support-workers and staff work ‘with’ our service-users’ so that they can take part in and fulfil daily life experiences effectively.

Our Vision

‘We are an organisation that is looking to provide a secure future that makes a difference to the lives of our service-users, their parents and carers by providing a service offer that is reliable, affordable and consistent’

Our Values:

Our values underpin everything we do in order to make life better for people with disabilities.

These values focus on:

  • Valuing people: Listening, learning and responding with empathy and understanding
  • Teamwork: Working cooperatively and collaboratively together
  • Being Competent: Having well trained and committed staff
  • Being Responsive: To changing needs and learning from experience in order to  improve what we offer

Our Story

In the 1950’s, a group of parents of children with Cerebral Palsy living in Stockport were struck by the lack of specialist support available for their children.

Determined to change this, they collectively set about fundraising. Initially they managed to raise £90 towards a therapist and some specialist equipment, providing much needed physiotherapy services.

Realising that much more was needed, the parents established our organisation, ‘Stockport, East Cheshire and High Peak Cerebral Palsy Society’ in September 1953. We later included Urmston and district into our scope and name. We were known as Stockport CP Society, SCP or Stockport CP on a day-to-day basis.


Given the wide scope of the work of the Charity, we needed to change our name to one that better reflected what we now offer as an organisation.

As from the 1st October 2019 we adopted ‘Supportability’ as our Charity’s new name. This was chosen to reflect our purpose and the services we deliver.

If you are looking for individual support from a long standing and experienced Provider, for a family member or someone you care for, then contact us to discuss how we can help.

Our services respond to a wide range of disabilities including:

  • Learning disability and/or physical disability with an accompanying learning disability.
  • Complex health needs e.g. complex Epilepsy, Dysphagia and some individuals living with life limiting conditions.
  • Needs relating to autism.
  • Needs relating to behaviour.
  • Key life transitions – leaving education, moving accommodation, changes in health needs.

Contact us on 0161 432 1248 or enquiries@supportability.org.uk for further information., or complete our enquiry form.

Areas we cover