Statement from Mary Stanley, Deputy CEO

I wanted to thank everyone so much for their support and donations for my recent boxing match. Everyone was so incredibly generous, and we are so grateful. Unfortunately, the target of £6,600 was not reached.  As the donations that were made were restricted to the interactive table, we would like to repurpose the funds and spend the money on our new mini bus. This bus will benefit all of our services and has been an essential investment as our previous mini bus is no longer fit for purpose. We want to continue to ensure the people that we support are able to access services and activities out and about in their community.

As we are changing the purpose of the money raised, you as the donor are entitled to refund your donation. If you would not like to contribute to the mini bus and would like a refund of your donation please contact the fundraising team, in writing, either via email or to Fundraising, Supportability, Granville House, Parsonage Road, Heaton Moor SK4 4JZ by Wednesday 31st May. If we have not heard from you by this date, your donation will be unrestricted and repurposed to contribute to the cost of the mini bus.

Thank you again for your fantastic support.

Mary ‘Smasher’ Stanley