Katie Holmes returns with her latest blog – Catwalks, School and my opinion about the Coronavirus…

We’re delighted to have Katie’s latest blog to share with you.  For those of you who don’t know Katie, she’s 13, has Cerebral Palsy and shares her heart warming experiences in her blogs.  Over to you Katie…

Hello everyone! I hope everybody is doing well! Today’s blog is going to be all about how 2020 has been so far for me and also all about school and this whole Coronavirus going around and how one thing that I was supposed to do got cancelled because of it! So, let’s begin…

So, let’s start off with my catwalks. I have recently done a catwalk in London and it. was. AMAZING! I had gotten to wear this STUNNING yellow and blue dress with a little colour-matched hat to match it with! If you haven’t seen it yet, it will be on my Instagram which I will link in at the end of this blog! Or, if you haven’t gotten social media, I will put some pictures down below! It was absolutely magical! People even said that I looked like Pocahontas from Disney! And, the place where I was walking down on, there was a ACTUAL RUNWAY. So it made me feel even more like a cat walker! I honestly can’t thank the person who I was cat walking for, Dis_is_me for giving me this amazing opportunity! I loved every single second of it!

I have also done a lot more fantastic things! Let’s start off when I was in TIMES SQUARE. To be on Times Square, I had to go to this Museum in Manchester and I had to do a photo shoot in one of the rooms with some of the girls who I had met in previous cat walks. I wore this really cute, pink flowery dress with matching pink shoes, I also had my makeup done too! It was really great and it was so nice and lovely of them to give me this amazing achievement and opportunity!

Another opportunity I had done was to go on BBC RADIO MANCHESTER! It was so so so AMAZING!!! My mum and I always listen to BBC Radio Manchester in the mornings for when she drives me to school so for ME, a 14 Year Old schoolgirl in Denton, to go on BBC Radio Manchester was one of the most epic things I have done! To be honest, I was quite nervous because I didn’t want to make a fool of myself by stammering and stuttering or by saying the wrong thing! My mum was quite nervous too! Sorry to put you in the spotlight mum but you WERE! You were even more nervous than me and you didn’t want the Radio Presenter to bring you up! But you did absolutely fine! If you missed me on BBC Radio Manchester, it will be on their website! Oh! And, I met someone from CBBC’s Newsround, and she wants me and my mum on it because they sometimes talk to people with disabilities about their daily lives! The only problem is… MUM. I’m guessing she just doesn’t want to be on TV when loads of people will be watching! Mum, you’ve been on the News before! This is just like the news but a kids version! I watch Newsround at school every week and imagine my teacher, just scrolling through Newsround, somehow clicking on the episode I’m on, and mine and my mum’s face comes up on screen! Omg… what would people say? “Oh! Katie! I saw you on Newsround in my form room today!” lol. I can never thank the BBC enough on how amazing and brilliant it was! Words can’t decide on how terrific it was! Thank You!

Another great opportunity was when I did a photo shoot in the woods! A photographer called Gemma took my photos and they were absolutely magical! I wore this really nice light blue dress which really matched the whole scene and I looked like I lived in the forest! I will put some photos down below! She was so kind and she is so good at editing! If you’re reading this Gemma, you are absolutely incredible with pictures! Thank you so much for the photo shoot! Your probably one of the best photographers I know to be honest!

So let’s talk about school. School has been going quite well for me! I’m doing great in all of my classes…well… except for Maths… Maths is such a weakness of mine! My mum has suggested for me to start practicing my times tables because… well it’s a bit embarrassing but I don’t really know much of my times tables… I always have to use my fingers whenever I have to answer a question about them! My little brother Lincoln (yep… the one who I always argue with and who I find quite annoying… sorry Lincoln!) he’s NINE and he knows ALL of his times tables by heart! And I’m 14 and I hardly know my sevens! Yay! Lincoln and my mum have been trying to help me though which is nice of them. (oh, especially Lincoln, believe me when I told him, I thought he would just brag it in my face that he knows all of HIS times tables!) Hopefully I will get better and I won’t have to use my fingers ALL MY LIFE. Is anybody else like this actually? I would feel so much better to know that I’m not the only one who is a teenager or older in this world who still uses their fingers to count! I’d love to know! I don’t know if it’s just my memory or if it’s just because I’m terrible at maths!

Also I got gifted these amazing new walking sticks OMG they are clear with bubbles and they light up!!! Yep they light up thank you so much to NEO WALKS for my gorgeous sticks I just love them

A lesson that I AM good at is… you’ve guessed it! Drama! As all of you readers who have read my blogs for a long time already know, you know how much I love Drama and how I want to be an actress when I grow up! I just love acting and preforming and pretending to be someone who isn’t actually me! It just makes it feel so real! Like I’m actually in the film! When I’m older, the biggest acting job for me would to either be on Broadway or to be in a movie! You never know! (Seriously though… being on Broadway or a movie would be awesome! My name under flashing lights… preforming under a big white spotlight and- oh! Ahem… sorry! I was getting a bit carried away! Daydreaming about Broadway…. um… right! Let’s get back on to the uh… blog shall we? Please? Before you’ll be here all day whilst I tattle about acting! Trust me, you’ll have your lives saved if I stop now!) My Drama teachers have always told me that I’m really good at acting and preforming on stage and that I should take acting a try! Here’s a piece of advice from your good old pal lol! If you like doing something, like how much I like Drama, why don’t you take that into a career and you never know! It could become something big! If you ever doubt yourself, you never know what the future holds! One lesson I wish I was good at other than Maths, is Food Tech! I am literally not a good cook no matter how much I like it! I am no Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay believe me! (I can’t even make a simple cupcake… I mean, who can’t make something as simple as a cupcake? This girl right here! But, that doesn’t stop me from trying! (Mum, if you’re reading this… please please please let me do some cooking with you! Or I could make you something for Mother’s Day as a gift? Pretty please with a cupcake on top? See what I did there? At least I can make some good *cough cough* terrible jokes! Ha… (sorry shouldn’t cough at the moment…) I can just imagine what she will be thinking if she reads this. “Letting Katie control my whole kitchen? Oh the horror of it all! Oh God no!” Ha ha! Love you mum!)

Let’s switch off school for a while and do a different topic… let’s talk about this whole Coronavirus going on. In my opinion, I. Hate. The. Coronavirus. Nothing else can be said! I’m getting so tired of hearing about it getting worse and worse every single day! The Coronavirus even made me have to self-isolate for two whole weeks! (Thanks I have a good reason for it though! Because of my Cerebral Palsy, I have a very weak immune system which means I can catch things pretty easily. (Such as colds, coughs etc.) It just means that I am more vulnerable to get it which annoys and worries me quite a bit. My mum has tried to reassure me about it all but every time I hear all about the deaths in England, my heart just plummets to the ground! I know, all those people were like older and all that but you should still be very careful when you when you go out and only go out when you need too! I was even supposed to do a run in Wilmslow but that had gotten postponed because of the Coronavirus which is so annoying! Why does the Coronavirus have to do this to people? I was so excited and ready for it! I had my hair done and I had gotten some really nice running clothes, and my mum did too so she could match! They were even FREE. Which is so so nice of them! I love them! Until a later date! Can’t wait! Oh, also remember to was your hands! My mum has taken hand washing to an extreme level. (Seriously, she bought about 4 bottles of hand soap and like 5 bottles of hand – sanitizer) So, since I’m off school now (I just wanted to remind the Coronavirus again… THANKS A LOT.) and my school is shut, all of my teachers have sent me online work to do. AND my mum has made a new timetable for us all saying that it’s her “Holmes- school-school.” Lovely lol. Count me in! Oh, I’ve now heard that’s she’s gonna start baking. (You’ll be so much better than me lol you already KNOW how to cook! But… if you DO start baking, I’ll be here waiting!)

I was also meant to doing a 2k charity run for Supportability an amazing charity that helps people with disabilities I raised over £200 but because of this virus its been cancelled till October which really is a good thing because I can raise a little bit more and do more training…. I would also like to thank you The Running Bear in Alderly Edge who gave me this stunning running gear!!!! gutted I couldn’t wear it BUT I will in October xx

So, that will be it for this blog today! Thank you all for reading and make sure you all stay safe out there! Remember you can always ask me questions on this blog or on any of my Social Media and I’ll be sure to answer them all! I love each and everyone of you fantastic supporters! Remember to always be yourself! Bye!

Katie xoxo

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